A brand new post: The blog is taking a new direction and what’s been happening in my life recently.

After what seems a lifetime, I bring you a brand new post.

Recently I’ve been struggling to find the time to create a new post – working on ideas for my dissertation slowly took a hold of my time, then I moved back to university and life took over. However, now that I have settled into student life again the blog will be updated constantly.

In regards to the next few posts, you may notice that these are about topics that deviate from what I initially set this blog up for. This is because I have decided to combine all the blogs that I have worked on/been working on since my first-year to make one big, brand-new, more structured online space. I shall be posting articles that I have made for my university’s magazine, SHULIfe, along with various food posts – taken from my old food blog No More Pot Noodle – Not all of the posts will be old. I will be contributing to the sections as part of this blog as a whole.

Some of you may or may not know that before I came to university I worked within the hospitality trade in a variety of roles including a chef. As a teen I wanted to be a professional chef. The kind who was gloried for their genius, but not so much that I would have my own TV show.
Safe to say I have always had an interest in food, both creating and eating it.
With this in mind, I decided to take the work from my old student food blog so I could share my culinary journey with other foodies.

A postcard that was given to me at the MESH meeting.
A postcard that was given to me at the MESH meeting.

In other news – last week I went to my first ever mental health support group, Mental Sheffield (MESH.)
Initially I didn’t know what to expect. I had visions of the group being a mixture between a counselling session and a discussion where I would have to stand up and introduce myself; “Hi, I’m Josh and I’m here because…” It was nothing like that.

MESH offered a safe and open space where mental health could be discussed freely and without judgement. Run by two wonderful individuals (Christina and Jean-Michel) who also suffer from mental health issues themselves – the group was a refreshing experience. It was amazing to be in a place with others who wholeheartedly understood issues I brought up, offering discussion and support.

I will definitely be getting involved with them more in the future. If you’re in Sheffield and looking for some mental health support then you should look at MESH without a doubt.

As mentioned, I will be posting articles I have done for my university magazine. The first one was published last week in the magazine’s first issue of the academic year. My feature was about the importance of keeping an eye on your mental health when at university.
I am even more delighted that I have received positive feedback from the work.  As this was my first physically published feature, I was worried about the reception it would receive.

Keep an eye on my Twitter for the blog’s latest developments.
Don’t forget to comment and let me your thoughts and opinions about my posts.


Website: http://www.mentalsheffield.com

E:Mail: – mentalsheffield@gmail.com.

Twitter: @MEntalSHeffield


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