The gentlemen baloons

Local Sheffield band, The Gentlemen, will be joining renowned British award-nominated pop-rock band, The Feeling, for a two-week tour this Tuesday.

The band met 8 years ago when working as session artists on a friend’s album. After meeting several more times at parties the group ultimately decided to come together to form The Gentlemen. Now having recently released their album, Departures, the group are set to start touring on Tuesday starting in Scotland.

Speaking about the upcoming tour, and the worries that the band may have, Sean tells me that unlike previous tours “we have no worries whatsoever.”

One thing they also tell me is that there is always the chance that the crowd will not like their music, but they aren’t too concerned; “the crowd seem nice.”

The band will perform 11 dates over 2 weeks, but they are especially excited to play Edinburgh where they have never been before. “We are also looking forward to play at KOKO club in London” Josh says “it’s such a prolific venue.”

When asked about what they want to show fans of The Feeling, Shaun says that “we want to show the crowd that we omit energy and that we don’t have any pretenses.”

It was when they were sat in a pub in The Peak District, exhausted, that the band discovered they had got the gig. “We had just finished filming the video for our new single, This is Where, sat in front of the fire with a pie and a pint when we got the call saying we had got the tour.”

Having received the news, everyone acted differently, especially Nicholas who said he went straight into “business mode” and he is only just starting to enjoy the tour experience as it draws closer; “It was totally out of the blue. I was made-up.”

Other than The Feeling, the group has been on tour with Jarvis Cocker and supported King Charles at last year’s Tramline festival in Sheffield. Nicholas also mentions how they have met The Saturdays twice, the first time being in Devon; “We were doing a Christmas light switch on and the girls were there too. They are really nice.”

Whilst on tour, The Gentlemen will be performing songs from their new album which was released in November via crowdsourcing.

The project, which was open for 90 days, was described by Josh as “very motivating”; “We didn’t know what to expect. It was lovely to see people pledging different amounts.” However, for Shaun the best part of the experience was that he did not have to wait and see how people would react to the album.

“We already knew the album would go well because of the support from crowdsourcing. You didn’t have to wait; the excitement was from the very first post on release day”

Having released 2 albums previously, Departures is the band’s favourite described by Joel as “pop-disco.” This is the album that follows a more pop route compared to other releases, but is “the album that we would like to be remembered for.”

The new single, This is Where, will be released on 27th April; “We wanted to try something a bit different. We wanted to put it out there and see who picks it up.”

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