Lady Gaga at Sheffield: A force to be reckoned with.

Last night Lady Gaga took to the stage at her penultimate UK gig at Sheffield’s Motorpoint arena supported by acts Breedlove and Chew Fu and Lady Starlight.

The stage itself extended into the audience and branched off in various directions

Just before taking the stage Lady Gaga’s close friend and New York performance artist Lady Starlight mixed thundering dance beats that echoed throughout the arena  and wouldn’t out of place at a ecstasy fuelled rave– setting the atmosphere for the rest of the night.

Opening with the title track from her third studio album ARTPOP, the ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love’ singer rose from the floor dressed like a phoenix, a blue orb protruding from her chest – A nod to artist Jeff Koons one of the many artists who worked on the ARTPOP project.

The stage itself extended into the audience and branched off in various directions. The runways were clear and allowed the fans to dance underneath them.  At the far end of the runway was home to a piano and a hidden area underneath where the singer disappeared to change into a different outfit.

Within moments she was back with the second outfit of 8; a huge curly dirty blonde wig and Seashell bikini – here we met ‘Seashell girl’ who gave us songs such as ‘Venus’. During the song, to my surprise inflatable pink plants popped up from the sides of the runways transforming them into a tiny paradise of dance.

Another outfit change and we were taken back to Lady Gaga’s first album, The Fame.  The singer now sporting a blonde bob and silver skirt/jacket combo shone like diamonds under the stage lights, performing hits such as ‘Just Dance’, ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Paparazzi’.

artrave stage
The stage once the curtain had been pulled up showed a variety of projections.

After the set, the singer appeared with a new outfit, a white and block spotted leotard with added inflatable tentacles.  I heard someone say that it looked like the offspring of a Dalmatian and an octopus.
The dancers carried out a silver seat in the shape of the infamous ‘paws up’ symbol that the singer sat in once she had shed her tentacles
The audience screamed in both surprise and horror as a stage platform lifted gaga high above the audience where she sang  ARTPOP’s second single, ‘Do What U Want.’

Back on solid ground, the singer laid herself on the floor allowing the standing fans to shower her with gifts that they had brought– ranging from soft toys, to letters and clothing. The singer even put one of the many items of clothing on; a tie-dyed t-shirt that read ‘Thank You for ARTPOP.’

Gaga moved onto the piano and brought silence to the arena. Taking a step away from the epic EDM and pop beats she performed the songs ‘Dope’ and ‘You and I’.

I heard someone say that it looked like the offspring of a Dalmatian and an octopus.

Gaga dedicated ‘Dope’ to her best friend of 20 years who was sat in the audience. “She’s been on tour cooking for me” the crowd was told. The dedication then turned into an apology for previous bad behaviour such as at her friend’s wedding where she was “f***ed up.”

After performing ‘You & I’, Gaga pulled a letter from the pile of gifts that had collected on the stage. It was from a fan who told of the struggles she had faced when she was younger and how much the artist’s music had helped her. The singer got her on stage and dedicated an acoustic version of ‘Born This Way’ (the title track to her second album)to her, telling her how brave she was to share her story with the arena.

Holding the fan in her arms Gaga disappeared down into the stage. For the fan it was a day she would never forget. For the singer it was another change of costume.

Whilst Gaga was getting changed, one of her backup dancers took to the stage and threw the gifts back out to the crowd – It was like Gaga was giving gifts to her fans.
My friend even managed to get one of the smaller stuffed toys that had been thrown into the crowd; however, I was jealous of the person who got the giant Piglet toy.

Appearing  again, wearing a green wig and black latex bikini with straps that crossed her stomach – Gaga performed songs more off of ‘ARTPOP’ such as ‘Sexxx Dreams’ and ‘Mary Jane Holland’ as well as songs off of The Fame Monster including ‘Alejandro’ and ‘Telephone’ (minus Beyoncé’s part.)gaga centre

We were getting to the last leg of the performance and we were begging for more as the singer strutted off of the stage.

Reappearing in the same outfit as before but with the addition of a red leather jacket and curly black wig, she performed a cover of Cher’s ‘Bang Bang ( My Baby Shot Me Down)’ the ITunes store bonus track off her collaborative jazz album with Tony Bennet, ‘Cheek to Cheek.’

After this, the singer did something she hadn’t done during the show until this point and changed her outfit whilst on stage.

During this time the instrumental to ‘Ratchet’ was played, a song that did not make the final cut of ‘ARTPOP’.

Dressed in her penultimate outfit complete with furry leg warmers and multi-coloured dread wig, the singer brought the event to its finale, performing ‘Bad Romance’, the EDM belter ‘Swine’ and ARTPOP’s first single, ‘Applause.’

gaga and dancers
Gaga and her dancers just before they closed the show.

Once the music had ended Gaga left the stage. There were calls for more and the arena exploded in chants of “Gaga!”

After a few moments of wondering whether or not the singer perform an encore, she appeared in her final outfit: A sparkling dress complete with train and white wig that fell down her back to her waist.
Seating herself at the piano, she began the final song of the night, ‘Gypsy.’ Before long Gaga was on her feet dancing along to the pounding beats along with the crowd.

Walking to centre stage, Gaga took a bow with her dancers, leaving the stage for the final time and drawing the artRAVE to its inevitable close.

For many people her music is like Marmite, they either love it or they hate it. However artRAVE has made one thing very clear – When it comes to putting on a performance, Lady Gaga is a force to be reckoned with.

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